My Sister’s New Business

Please check out my sister’s new Facebook page!  And if you’re in the area, stop by the Dickson Farmer’s Market on Saturdays or get in touch with her for some freshly baked breads and sweets! You won’t be disappointed!

Funny story: Esther has loved baking since she was young.  As soon as she was old enough, she was trying new recipes and always baking something good!  She was such a sweetheart, and would get up early in the mornings to fix special things for us.

Most of the time, the food was pretty good.  Sometimes, however, she had to work on a recipe a few times to find an edible solution! Us older girls would sometimes pass, but she would make our younger two sisters eat what she made.  The most memorable is the time she attempted muffins with fresh strawberries.  I guess since the strawberries have a high water content, it wasn’t exactly the best choice!  Haha! (I love you, sis!)

Thankfully, she has had years of experience at this point, and everything she makes now is absolutely delicious.  As a matter of fact, these loaves of bread at my house started diminishing as soon as I finished taking this picture!


June 14, 2018

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