Your First Look

One of the biggest and most important parts of a wedding is planning! So while you’re deciding on your perfect day, let’s talk about a First Look!

I know it’s traditional to not see one another until the bride is walking down that aisle, but let me ask you to consider having a First Look! This time is typically after the bride is ready, and before any portraits are taken.

Rebekah Taylor Wedding Photography, Dickson, Nashville, TN

There are SO many great benefits to having a first look! Here are a few of them…

  • Gives a break from the day to spend a few quiet, private moments with each other.

  • Allows bride and groom portraits to be taken before the ceremony, which I guarantee will give a greater quantity of pictures overall!

  • Also allows for all the bridal party photos to be taken before the ceremony as well. No worrying about gathering up the bridal after the ceremony for pictures!

  • Frees up more time at the reception with family and friends!

I honestly can’t recommend it enough! I’m including a quote below from my sister. She’s so glad she changed her mind! 😊

“Although I originally wanted to do things the traditional way, I’m glad we decided to go with ‘First Look’ pictures. It took us away from the busyness of the day and gave us a chance to focus on what the day was really about- US! It was also good to have most of the bride/groom and wedding party pictures out of the way before the wedding so we could enjoy visiting with guests after the ceremony! One more plus was that we got to have a gorgeous natural background for our pictures that we wouldn’t have gotten if we had waited till afterwards, due to it being an evening wedding!”

Sarah Maul
Rebekah Taylor Wedding Photography, Dickson, Nashville, TN

March 5, 2020

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