Charleston Trip 2020

I don’t normally share personal posts on Wednesdays, but I still have more pictures from our Charleston Trip 2020 to share! 😊

We stayed with my longtime friend, Becky, and her little family. Someone asked how long we’ve known each other, and I’m not sure I even know! It’s definitely been 10+ years! There were times throughout the years that I didn’t think we would ever get married and have families! It was so neat to be able to spend time together with our little families!

Rebekah Taylor Wedding Photography, Dickson, Nashville, TN

Becky and I are similar in a lot of ways, but one thing I really love about her is how she is always coming up with fun things to do! I’m not good at that at all, to be honest! 😄 She had several ideas to do during our visit! We didn’t get them all in, but everyone had such a great time!

Rebekah Taylor Wedding Photography, Dickson, Nashville, TN

Touring Charleston was probably my favorite! Becky’s husband, Jamie, is very knowledgeable in all things history, and I loved hearing all the stories behind the different houses/buildings/landmarks! Charleston is SUCH an interesting place, and I’m sure we could go back and explore as much or more than we did this trip!

Rebekah Taylor Wedding Photography, Dickson, Nashville, TN

Oh, and can we talk about the houses?! There are these amazing old houses by the water, and most of them two or three stories tall, with a full sized porch on each level! Many of the houses are surrounded by wrought iron fencing, with many different, gorgeous flowers and flowering trees. The smaller houses were beautiful, too! There are SO many good places to take pictures there! It was definitely a photographer’s dream! 😊

Rebekah Taylor Wedding Photography, Dickson, Nashville, TN

These pictures just cover some of the highlights of our Charleston Trip 2020, but make sure to check out my Instagram page for more!

March 18, 2020

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