What Time of Day Should You Book Your Portraits?

When you’re planning family portraits this summer or fall, an important question will always come up…what time of day should you book your portraits? As a photographer, I have a few preferences that allow us to have the best, most beautiful light. Today, let’s talk through a few options for the best time of day for your family photos this year. 

An Hour Before Sunset 

Personally, my favorite time of day is an hour or so before sunset. This time of day is often referred to as the “Golden Hour” because we get the most gorgeous golden light. It means your session can be a little bit later, especially in the summer, because the sun sets later. Now, with younger kids, this can be tough but I promise you, it’s always worth it! 

Early in the Morning

The hour around sunrise can also be a great time for light. This can be a good option if your family is full of early risers. It’s also great if you’re worried about the later time in the day. The light isn’t as golden, but it’s still soft and even as the sun rises. 

So…. What Time Do You Book? 

While those are my favorite times of day as a family photographer, the timing of your session really comes down to you and your family. If you’re a parent to small children, the best time for your session is when your children will be well rested! 😄 As long as I have an area of consistent open shade, I can make just about any time of day work! Open shade means you’re standing in a shaded area, but can look up and see the sky. As a mom myself, I totally get it and I want your family to be 100% comfortable and in great moods during our session! 

June 14, 2022

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